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Balletschool Attitude

Class & Jazz loves people for real. We like to chat, smile and hug face to face. No virtual socializing for us.

Live Contact Lessons

safety precautions

These safety rules must always be strictly observed.

Classic measures
• At the slightest suspicion of illness, stay at home!
• Wash hands before leaving home AND disinfect on site (hand gel available on site)
• Keep your distance (minimum 1.5 meters, preferably 2m and even more)
• Physical contact not allowed (or at least limited to strict necessity)
• Mask on arrival and departure

Specific measures

• Always wait for your turn outside the house!

• Attendants are not allowed to be present during the lesson.

• The use of a mouth mask during the lesson itself is not mandatory, but it is of course allowed, and sometimes even recommended. Use your common sense !

• Window(s) remain open during the entire lesson(s), also on cold days.

• The arrangement/set-up of the musician(s) must guarantee the safe distance. Singers and horns should NOT direct their singing and playing to others. Play (sing) with your back to others.

• The teacher uses a microphone where necessary to avoid raising the voice.

• The student (the teacher, everyone) always brings his own material/instrument.
(except: piano, drums, guitar amplification)

  • Wind instruments/singers: own pop filter (example/tip: pop filter). Replaces the mouth mask to prevent droplets from spreading. It is mounted on a microphone stand (available on site), and is held no more than 20 cm from the mouth during play.
  • Wind instruments: own bell cloth. The bell of the wind instrument should be covered with a tightly woven cloth/rag to avoid spreading droplets.
  • Drummers: own drumsticks
  • Everyone: own scores and accessories. Scores, agendas and/or other materials are not passed between teacher and student.
  • Everyone: own rag to clean up the used instrument/material before and afterwards. The necessary disinfectant will be available on site to moisten the rag. NEVER spray directly on the instrument !!
  • Singers (only when playing together): own microphone
  • Violinists (only when playing together): own clip microphone