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Balletschool Attitude

Class & Jazz loves people for real. We like to chat, smile and hug face to face. No virtual socializing for us.

Online Lessons

technical requirements

Minimal : smartphone on WiFi, BUT…

A large screen easier for students: rather a tablet or, even better, a laptop.

A strong internet connection (bandwidth) easier for student AND teacher: preferably with UTP/ethernet cable (= LAN connection) or with WiFi booster. Pay attention! Your internet provider (Telenet, Proximus, etc.) and the installation in your street also play a role in this. In case of disappointing results, it is usually useful to contact the provider to optimize your bandwidth.

A good playback system (in addition to the streaming device already in use) easier for student AND teacher: to be able to play background music audibly. The mini speakers of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. are absolutely insufficient.

A good set-up easier for student AND teacher: to be able to clearly visualize hands, keyboard, neck of guitar, violin …

Also useful, but not necessary:

Additional webcam(s), additional micro(s), headphones (or earphones): for better transmission and reception of images and sound

Audio interface (external sound card): for plugging in digital/electrical instruments and/or micro


All known (and lesser known) programs/apps for video calls are basically OK. However, each teacher has his/her preference. Please follow the teacher in his/her choice.

ZOOM: specifically for students of Raph Van Goubergen