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Balletschool Attitude

Class & Jazz loves people for real. We like to chat, smile and hug face to face. No virtual socializing for us.



Zoom works like a virtual classroom (meeting room) where the students can just knock and the teacher can let them in. You don’t need to close every conversation and then start a new one, as it is the case with many other apps. The next student can already come in while the previous student is still finishing. Just like in a “real” classroom.

Audio Technical
Zoom has buttons to adjust the audio filters to a specific setting for musicians.

Early in the lockdown (March/April), Zoom got bad press regarding their security and privacy. Those problems have been corrected for a long time now. Zoom is now the most widely used video conferencing platform by governments and multinationals.

Installation Zoom

1) Create Zoom Account
- Go to the website
- Click in the top right on “Sign up for free”
- Log in with e-mail address (or Google or Facebook account) and click on “Sign in”
- Zoom sends mail with activation link (if not received, check spam folder)
- Click on the activation link and… DONE!
Account creation and software download are clearly illustrated in this movie.

2) Download Zoom Software
- Go to the website
- Download and install “Zoom client for meetings” for computer or laptop
- Download and install “Zoom mobile Apps” for smartphone or tablet

3) Start Zoom Lesson
- The student receives an invitation with a blue link.
- Click on the link when your class starts and the teacher will let you in.

4) Adjust audio settings to “music” standards
- For lap or desktop computers: PDF manual and/or tutorial movie
- For smartphone or tablet:
a) Select Settings, then Meetings.
b) Search (scroll) for “Use Original Sound” and turn that button on (blue)