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The topic group lesson

Learning together about a specific topic
Playing/singing together in a band or ensemble

A few examples: band-coaching - Classical ensemble - Jazz/Rock/Pop ensemble (combo) - Improvisation - Composition - Arrangement - Jazz Harmony - Classical Harmony - Ear Training - Classical Music History - Jazz/Rock/Pop History - Music Theory preparation (5 to 8 years old) - Music theory (from 8 years old onwards) - Music Theory for adults - Music and Computers


Each group or band has a minimum of 3 students (and a maximum of 5 depending on the topic). An ensemble has a minimum of 8 students.

Groeps and bandS subcribe at their own choice for

  • a FULL subscription: 30 x 60 minutes (+ 7 free lessons) OR 15 x 120 minutes (+ 5 free lessons).
  • a LIGHT subscription: 15 x 60 minutes (+ 3 free lessons) OR 8 x 120 minutes (+ 2 free lessons).
  • a Try-Out session: 10 x 60 minutes OR 5 x 120 minutes.

The lessons are scheduled on calendar in advance. It is essential to attend these lessons on a regular basis if one wants to keep up with the progress of the group.

It is possible to contact us without obligation, before registering.

For prices, please contact us.

Please also read about instruments and other courses.