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The “comprehensive” individual lesson

No separate Music Theory lessons

At CLASS & JAZZ the music theory is not a compulsory and distinct lesson. It is taught alongside instrument tuition in a “comprehensive” package. As all aspects are taught by the same teacher with the same perspective, students find it easier to develop a good insight into the way all aspects link together:

  • Instrumental technique: coordination of eye, hand and ear
  • Music theory: notes, rhythm, scales and chords, analysis
  • Ear training: sight-reading and singing, musical dictation
  • Musicality: interpretation, musical culture, development of one’s own musical personality

If needed or required, individual lessons are also flexible enough to concentrate on certain more specific aspects such as sight-reading, composition, improvisation, arrangement, jazz harmony, classical harmony … (see also aspects mentioned above)

Individual lessons as prepatation for higher music studies

The transition

We offer also specific courses to students who are preparing for an entrance examination into a music conservatoire, both in classical and jazz style.

These lessons are aimed at students who have benefited from musical tuition in a music academy alongside general, technical or professional schooling, and who do not yet feel secure enough totake the big step into a conservatoire.

Practically, for your convenience

Thanks to the “comprehensive” tuition, students need travel only once for an instrument lesson AND a music theory lesson.

Students purchase at their own choice

  • a FULL subscription: 30 x 30 minutes (+ 7 free lessons) OR 15 x 60 minutes (+ 5 free lessons).
  • a LIGHT subscription: 15 x 30 minutes (+ 3 free lessons) OR 8 x 60 minutes (+ 2 free lessons).
  • a Try-Out session: 10 x 30 minutes OR 5 x 60 minutes.

One can choose for weekly lessons or for lessons every other week.
A calendar of lessons is agreed in advance.

For prices, please contact us.
The first half an hour contact lesson is FREE OF CHARGE.

Please also read about instruments and other courses.