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Cello lessons are possible from the age of 7 years old.

Teacher: Lotte Barnard - contact: 0472 29 57 20 -

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch or French.

The cello is a bowed string instrument, member of the violin family, and has a range of 4 octaves. It sounds one octave lower than the violin which gives it a sound close to the human voice, warm, sometimes melancholic, and often very lyrical. This instrument is played in quite a lot of musical styles: baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary music … but it is also heard quite a lot, very often as the “star instrument”, in Jazz, Pop, Rock, and even in Metal Rock.

Despite its size, the cello can be learned at a very young age. One can easily find smaller instruments at a size 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8 of the standard size 1/1. The teacher and the cello maker will advice you in the choice of the proper size.

The cello is played with a bow, between the knees of the seated player. Its weight is supported mainly by its endpin or spike, which rests on the floor. Some accessories are indispensable: rosin (a hard, sticky substance made from resin is regularly applied to the bow hair to increase friction on the strings), a small board (simply to avoid the endpin of slipping on slippery floors) and a bag or case to protect the instrument during transportation.