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Pieter discovered his passion for playing the drums at the age of 9. Wanting to enroll in the local music school he was told that “they didn’t really have a drum teacher, so whether he wouldn’t be interested in playing violin or piano”. But thanks to his stubbornness they soon found a teacher, which guided him for about 8 years. At the age of 11 he started playing in the local brass band, switching from bass drum to marching snare, percussions and drum kit.

At the age of 14 he started playing in a surf/garage band LOS VENTURAS. With this band, which is still active today, he discovered the joy of touring, recording albums and playing lots of venues. Still training his skills he got more interested in playing jazz and in 2007 finally he met Raph and joined the jazz combo SOMEONE ELS, that recently evolved to MASALA. Ever since he has played with various bans and projects ranging from classical music over rock/punk, to soul/jazz and blues (Kostas Chatz, Jobee Project, Die Staubzauger, Mechels Salonorkest, Overweight, The Hydrosonics, MFF, …)

In 2010 he started teaching in Raph’s company Class & Jazz.