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Raph Van Goubergen started to play with garage bands in 1974, at the age of 12, first as a singer and guitarist. In the late ’70-ties he returned to his childhood instrument, the piano (and synths), and formed his own Progressive Rock band PSOPHO (1981 album PSOPHO – Sheer Profundity). The band evolved towards Jazz Rock, and changed its name to APG. After the split of APG, in the mid ‘80-ties, he played the Blues at the legendary Brussels Blues Corner Café (1990 album BC and U – Backslider). He was asked to play with many bands in various styles: Afro Beat (Feso Trombone, ex-Fela Kuti musician), Italian Pop, Flemish Pop, French Chanson (1994 album BLANC MARIE – Sous les Ponts), more Blues (1996 album CALVIN OWENS and his Blues Orchestra – That’s Your Booty), … In 1996, he formed the Jazz band Someone Els that, later, became MASALA.

He’s also a music teacher, both in Classical Music and in Jazz/Pop/Rock (piano, jazz harmony, composition, improvisation, singing) since 1983. In 2009, he created his own company, CLASS & JAZZ, that combines music tuition, management and publishing. In 2013 he writes the book PARENT SCALES and CHORD SCALES (free download - Class & Jazz Publications 2015) about Music Theory and Jazz Harmony. In 2021 he wrote a method for pianists Playing the piano with chords - Note reading for pianists (free download).