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Double Bass

Double bass lessons are possible from the age of 6 years old.

Teacher: Renke Van Impe - contact: 0479 40 47 86 -

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch, German or French.

The double bass is the biggest brother of the violin in the string family. Although it is always mentioned with this family, it’s a bit of an outsider: its sound box has a slightly different shape and the strings are tuned at different intervals than the violin, viola or cello. It sounds so low that it is the musical ‘foundation’ of every orchestra or band.

Because the double bass is so large that it comes out above your head, you have to stand up (or sit on a high bar stool) to play it. Fortunately for children there are also smaller sizes of double bass, so do not let the size of this instrument stop you from learning it!

Just like the other string instruments, the double bass is also played with a bow that strikes over the strings. Of course, you also just pluck the strings, a way of playing that we call ‘pizzicato’.

The double bass has found its way in just about any music style: jazz, pop music, classical music, pop music, rockabilly, folk, … Depending on the style of music (especially classical vs. jazz), the playing technique also varies. In the somewhat rougher genres, the double bass is often replaced by a bass guitar.