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Other courses and topics for group lessons

Additional semi-professional training in ensemble

Our advanced students can subscribe, in addition to an individual instrument lesson, for The CANDIDS, The ARTISTS and/or the JAZZ-FUSION Ensemble. These courses combine various topics such as tight playing, Close Harmony, Musical Interactive Leadership, Accompaniment Practice, Arrangement / Improvisation / Composition, Band Coaching, Band Management, … (see also below)


In these lessons we approach subjects aimed at bringing more “professionalism” to a collective music project. Topics include training on tight playing, composing and arranging, stage techniques, band promotion, contract and tecnical document administration, dealing with the human factors, the use of computers and the creation of websites.

Music and Computers

The range of applications and features of this booming industry sector that can be learned at CLASS & JAZZ is vast: writing, composition, arranging, recording, mixing, production… right up to creating websites to promote music projects.

Classical Ensemble

Playing the classical repertoire in small or big ensembles (4 hands piano, guitar trio, sax quartet…)

Jazz/Rock/Pop Ensemble

Playing Jazz/Rock/Pop standards in combo (e.g.: vocals, piano, guitar, bass and drums).


Learning how to use the instrument or the voice in a creative and free way. Practical use of the musical ear and theory.


Learning how to compose one’s own music, how to write sheet music, and how to compose using computers and MIDI sequencers. Practical use of the musical ear and theory.


Re-writing existing musical pieces for specific ensembles (brass, strings, combo, ….). Practical use of the musical ear and theory.

Jazz Harmony

Analysis of chords and scales (chord-scale theory) that appear in a musical piece, aiming at the improvisation, the composition and the arrangement, but also to facilitate learning by heart and impersonation through better understanding of the composition.

Classical Harmony

Learning how to combine chords in 4 parts (chorale writing) following the rules of classical voice leading.

Ear Training

Training of the “functional” (relative) ear.

Classical Music History

Discovering different classical styles through the great composers, in their historical context.

Jazz/Rock/Pop History

Discovering different Jazz, Rock and Pop styles through the great performers/bands/composers, in their historical context.

Some courses require a minimum number of students.

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