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Class & Jazz loves people for real. We like to chat, smile and hug face to face. No virtual socializing for us.


Piano lessons are possible from the age of 7 years old.

For info and prices, request a free trial lesson (by email).
This first contact allows us to define, with you, the project that is best fit for you.

Raph Van Goubergen - contact: 0486 11 95 66 –
Kim Franck - contact: 0484 88 23 55 -

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch, French or Russian.

The piano lesson includes a classical elementary method lasting 1 to 2 years (for beginners) completed with the necessary music reading, technical studies and theory for the learning of classical piano pieces (repertoire) and/or pop, rock and jazz songs (how to arrange for piano, piano and singing, piano and combo), up to the composition and improvisation for the interested.

The study materials (sheet music, audio and midi files) are entirely free, with exception of the very first piano book (for beginners). It is indispensable to have one’s own acoustic or digital piano for the home study.