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Pop and Jazz Singing

Singing lessons are possible from the age of 10 years old.

For info and prices, request a free trial lesson (by email).
This first contact allows us to define, with you, the project that is best fit for you.

Teachers Singing:
Raph Van Goubergen - contact: 0486 11 95 66 –
Maxine Dumont - contact: 0491 18 23 33 –
Hendrike Scharmann - contact: 0472 86 56 79 –

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch or French.

In the Pop and Jazz Singing course, the main focus is to develop the personality and the self-assurance of the singer. While singing standards (well-known Pop, Rock, Jazz songs), the voice is placed in tonality and chords (“pitch”, musical ear) and rhythm (“timing”, body awareness). The indispensable theory is gradually learned through a method specifically developed for singers, based on fundamental ear training and rhythmic. The singer is taught vocal techniques that allow him or her to use the full range of the voice without overload. Using improvisation techniques one quickly discovers that no song is “too high” or “too low” if one is flexible and creative enough with the “score”.