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Violin, electric violin & folk violin

Violin lessons are possible from the age of 6 years old.

For info and prices, request a free trial lesson (by email).
This first contact allows us to define, with you, the project that is best fit for you.

Teacher: Hendrike Scharmann - contact: 0472 86 56 79 –

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch, French or German.

The violin course offers a great variety of musical styles. You can choose for a mix of, or for a deepening in, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Gipsy, Irish, Bluegrass … If you wish, you can also get acquainted with the electric violin, or with the electrical amplification techniques for the acoustic violin. The reading of music, the music theory and the ear training are all included in the lessons. The improvisation is also approached, and possibly, for the diehards, studied in its full extent.

At the very beginning, you’ll be invited to join the strings ensemble of Class & Jazz. Once the basic techniques are acquired, you can choose to play in a jazz combo, a pop group, a string trio … and even start up your own personal musical project.

For the little ones, we start with a playful and structured method to get familiar with the violin, followed by the first songs, the first improvisations and the first exercises for the acquiring of the technique.

Our violin courses are also more specifically aimed at professionals and amateurs that wish to learn the Jazz and the improvisation (e.g. to prepare for an audition in the conservatory for music).