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Andries Baele (Leuven °1982)

Andries Baele teaches the violin at Class & Jazz since the very beginning of the school.


Andries is ‘Master in Music’. He studied the classical violin, the jazz violin, the piano, music theory and composition, and pedagogy at the Lemmensinstituut (Leuven) and at the Conservatory of Ghent.
He had masterclasses and workshops for jazz violin and classical violin in ensembles, in Belgium and abroad, with, amongst others, Didier Lockwood, John Ruocco, Ben Sluys, Johannes Leertouwer, Michel Pieters, Carl Lenski, Oxalys, …
Il also did a ‘Bachelor after Bachelor’ en ‘Special Education’ at the KHL, training on autism, continuing education courses at the music education centre ‘Muzes’, and he wrote a manual ‘Tipboek Elektrische en Elektrisch Versterkte Akoestische Viool’ (Tips for Electrical Violin and Amplified Violin).
He has a long experience as a jazz/folk/classical violin teacher, piano, music reading and singing, musical history and culture, general musical education, … in academies, musical workshops, special education schools and secondary schools. He recently resolutely chose for Class & Jazz, because of its philosophy, its structure and its fine team of teachers.

Current Bands and Ensembles:

Frivole Stan & de Violeman

Former Bands and Ensembles:

The Coffee Concert (2013 – 2017)
The RoseRoomSwing (2006 – 2014)
Les Yeux Bleus Live (2010 – 2014)
Someone Els (2010 – 2013)
JoBee Project (2011-2012)
Les Jazznophones (2009-2010)
Black Velvet (2006-2009)
Aram Trio (2002-2006)
Bob Boon Singers (2003-2005)
Freelance with, amongst others, Geert Waegeman, Jokke Schreurs, Bart Peeters, Ronny Mosuse, Takuya Taniguchi, Grete Moortgat, Stijn Meuris, Jean-Bosco Safari, Zohra, Johny Voners, Chapelle De Loraine, Dirk Van der Linden, Jean Van Lint, …

Composer for classical ensembles, jazz combos, short films, brass bands, choirs …

Website :

CD: ‘March Of The Masalians’ (listen & buy), ‘Iet Me Ziel’ (listen, buy), ‘Springy Things On Swinging Strings’ (listen, buy), ‘The Fallen’, ‘Landmarks’, ‘All Along The Way’ (listen, buy), ‘Pipi Langkous’, ‘Kattenkwaad’, ‘Tale Quale’, ‘Licht’, ‘Scala van de Vrede’ (listen, buy), …