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Arthur Maes (Schaerbeek ° 1982)

Arthur Maes teaches the classical, electric and folk guitar in various styles like classical music, rock/pop, blues & jazz, Afro and Latino styles. He also gives ensemble courses for rock and pop bands, and for jazz combo’s (blues, jazz, Afro and Latino + contemporary styles).

Formation :

1991-1996 : Orientation Certificate at the ‘Orfeus’ Academy in Alsemberg : music reading and writing, theory and piano
1996-2002 : classical and electric guitar at the v.z.w. Jenlo (with Theo Hendricks)
2003-2007 : Performing Artist Certificate at the Tritonus Jazz Studio in Antwerpen: Practical Courses: guitar and ensemble Theory Courses: ear training, rhythm, harmony, music reading and writing, arrangement and composition Final Concert at the Cultural Center De Meent in Alsemberg

Teachers :

Theo Hendricks, Gunther Valckenier, Richard Rousselet, Bas Cooimans, Martin De Marneffe, Victor Da Costa, Pierre Van Dormael, Jeremy Calbert …

Bands :

-MAF ORQUESTA & SOUL T (composer & band leader) Style : Funk/Fusion/Soul
-The Gipsy Jazz Duet (band leader) Style : Gipsy/Jazz/Latino


-Trekt-A-Chass (composer & band leader) Style : Ska/reggae
-Skamuraï Munchies Style : Ska/reggae/dubstep
-Jammin’ Troopers (bassist, composer & band leader) Style : Pop/ska/rock
-Quinh Ahn (with Marc Lavoine) Style : Chanson Française
-Teranga Band (band leader) Style : Afro-reggae
-One Cell Foundation Style: Reggae

Jamsessions : Organizes various jam sessions in Brussels pubs : Bonnefooi, Floreo, Lava café, Bizon, Tête d’Or …