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Ellen De Vlam (Antwerpen °1983)

Ellen had her first piano lessons, starting at 9 years old, with Jeff Neve, Alano Gruarin and Jeroen Malaise. She decided to continue this musical adventure at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, where she took classical piano lessons with Jan Vermeulen and Régine Willems, and also pianoforte lessons with Jan Vermeulen. She played in various chamber music ensembles with, amongst others, Andries Baele, Zoé Vanhellemont, Fiona De Ocampo … She also attended the teacher training college and wrote a thesis about stage fright. In 2007 she got her diploma.

After her training, in piano and choir singing, she went teaching the piano in the music academies in Antwerpen, Deurne, and Merksem, and at the music school in Lubbeek.

She now teaches the piano at Class & Jazz, and at home. She is committed to work together in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. She loves to see her students grow, each at his own tempo, with respect for every step already taken, pushing the limits together while exploring the wonderful world of music.

In her own time, she is a passionate dancer. She also took a training in fashion at the Arts Academy in Lier. She is very interested in the convergence of several arts, in how the experience of one art form can open a door in, and towards, another art form … in how music is full of colors and movements and how dancers sing with their bodies …