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Martin Michiels (Uccle ° 1984)

Martin Michiels is a guitarist and has been teaching music since 2007 in several nonprofit organizations (ASBL). He likes to play and teach different musical styles from pop/rock to reggae through jazz and Latin and African music. When he transmits a new song or musical style, he strives to take the typical playing techniques out of the context of the song learned, so as to be able to adapt these techniques to other songs or to the own compositions. The goal is to become a versatile musician, ready to accompany and improvise on any chord grid, in all the different styles that one likes.
Martin has also been a professor of the Alexander Technique since July 2014.

Music teaching experiences

Cap sur la musique ASBL: Guitar teacher (2007-2010)
Music’Action Hamme-Mille: Guitar teacher (2008-2010)
ReMuA ASBL: Group lessons guitar, workshops for children, school orchestras, projects with the Lille Opera and the ONL. (2009-2012)
Private lessons


ASBL Musicole: guitar and music theory
Boitsfort Music Academy: music theory and Jazz Ensemble (Daniel Stockart)
Jazz studio: 2 and a half years of training
Ghent Conservatory: 1 year and a half of training
Participation in numerous Jazz courses (AKDT Libramont & Neufchâteau), Jazz au Vert


Cathy Renuy (classical), Stéphane Wertz (classical), Paul Elias (folk, blues, jazz), Guy Vaerendonck (jazz), Gunter Valckenier (jazz), Victor Da Costa (jazz), Peter Verbraken (jazz) …


Gipsy Jazz Duet & Trio with Arthur Maes (g) and Sébastien Peeters (vib)
Blackcolors (formerly Les Courgettes Givrées) with Olivier Colot (fl, electronics)


Le Cœur de Cabestang (musical tale in French chanson)
Raffi Barsamian (French chanson)
Yohm (French chanson)
Les Courgettes Givrées (Jazz compositions)
Cool & the Cools (jazz standards)
Dual Band (jazz standard - flute/guitar duo)