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Mathias Ghesquière (Mechelen °1988)

Mathias is a percussionist in many genres. In 2011 he obtained his Master degree in Music as a percussionist at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

He was born in 1988 in a musical family. Very soon the drums were chosen instead of the violin. At the age of three he already worn down his first toy drumkit.

At this moment Mathias is, amongst others, teaching percussion and ensemble at the music conservatory of Leuven and is also much requested in professional orchestras. The Flemish Opera, the Philharmonic orchestra of Liège, the Filharmonie, National Orchestra of Belgium, Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, the orchestra of De Munt, de Zomeropera, Il Novecento are on Mathias’ curriculum.

His passion for music reaches also further than the classical repertoire. He is indulging in electronic music production and is also the drummer of the band Pardon Service.