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Michel Kuijken (Brussel °1962)

Pedagogical and artistic manager
Contact Michel: 0494 17 55 83 – - Website Michel

Michel Kuijken has been teaching guitar since 2003. His musical styles include classical, jazz, rock, folk and gypsy jazz. He is also able to teach specific techniques and styles such as picking-blues or typical Latin styles (Bossa Nova amongst others). His long experience in the Rock world and more recently in the environment of studio production make him the ideal teacher for band coaching and for music on computers. He provides all sheet music and all necessary audio material in the form of digital files over the internet.


  • 1974 - 80 / Learned classical guitar with François Lauwers.
  • 1980 - 90 / Private lessons, workshops (classical, jazz, gypsy jazz)
  • 1988 / Played with various rock bands, including many concerts in Belgium, support acts for Jo Lemaire, Pierre Rapsat, Claude Maurane (CC Tournai), Jean Louis Mahjun. Played regularly on the blues scene in Brussels (Blue Valentine, with Frank Willems).
  • 1990 / Guitarist of the band Big Troble (with Vincent Trouble, Didier Beyney and Marc De Martelaer), played many concerts: Festival Eté Botanique, selected for the festival of Bourges ‘90. CD (Without U), distributed by Sybelia (France).
  • 1992 / Created the band “Blanc Marié”. Held concerts at the Cirque Divers, Atelier Rock in Huy, fêtes de la musique (Huy, Ath), festival Midi-Minuit, Théâtre de la vie, Festival Eté Botanique, support acts for Perry Rose (théâtre 14O), Stellla, Didier Odieu, Vincent Van Gogh, Les Garçons Bouchers (Janson auditorium). Interviews and frequent radio play on Radio 21, Studio Brussel, Capitale, La Une, radio campus, television appearances on télé 21 (Intérieur Nuit). CD Blanc Marié BOOM! records n°60 / Roughtrade (‘92 ) Sous les ponts BOOM! records n°88 / Roughtrade (‘94 ).
  • 1996 / Recorded his 3rd CD, an acoustic with Laurent Bijnens on accordion, Raphaël Van Goubergen on piano (Calvin Owens), the late Daniel Zanello (Steve Houben, Nathalie Loriers, Koen de Cauter) and Jean Van Lint (Vincent Mardens, Jan De Haas) on double bass, André Ronsse on clarinet and Guy Hennaut on trumpet.
  • 1997 / Turned to traditional music and acoustic jazz (gypsy jazz), with Laurent Bijnens (accordion), Didier Ronsse (guitar), Did Van Der Talen (double bass), Bernard Bostaille (violin – musician for Rue Haute until 2006), with the support of violinist Nicolas Hauzeur (Tan, Luc Pilartz, Didier Laloy) and guitarist Mathieu Chatelain.
  • 2003 / Created and played with the band “RUE HAUTE” (CC Menen, Leopoldsburg, “Escale du Nord”, fêtes de la musique, Fort IV Mortsel, La Tentation, La Samaritaine, …), with Dounia Depoorter (vocals), David Legley (double bass), Laurent Bijnens (accordeon) and Valentin Terechkov (violin). Interviews RTBF, 5O° Nord on ARTE. CD Rue Haute (C4 / AMG benelux 2006).
  • 2014 / Release of CD “Works” for classical guitar. Focuses primarily to his classes and writing material for a second classical CD “Works vol.2”.