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Tim Welkenhuysen (Bonheiden °1991)

Tim Welkenhuysen started music school and percussion at the age of eight, first at the the muziekatelier in Sterrebeek and later tat the Grimbergen Academy for Music. He also followed four years of jazz internships at the Halewyn Foundation in Dworp. After his Masters in Philosophy, he started jazz training at the Antwerp Conservatory.

Tim has been giving private lessons to various students for six years now and is also a drum teacher at the Noisegate organization. As a musician Tim was part of the alternative group “Soldier Six” with which he released two EPs and one LP. He is a current member of the alternative collective “HOAR” and the Dutch-speaking group “Ohne Francis”. Tim is also part of the live band behind the duo “Float Fall” and the singer-songwriter “Willem Ardui”.