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Privacy Statement

Data Protection Officer

The person, the Data Protection Officer (or DPO), who serves as the point of contact for all matters relating to our privacy policy, is Raphaël Van Goubergen.
Address: Langestraat 78, 1910 Kampenhout - Tel. 016/65.11.79 - Gsm: 0486/11.95.66

Collection, processing and use of data

Class & Jazz collects from all its students/clients (and teachers) - only through a self-completed data form - in a custom-built Class & Jazz database - on the only main computer of the company (not on the internet), protected by common software - only the data essential for a good cooperation. Being:

Contact and identity information

  • Family Name and Home Address for billing
  • Where appropriate Company Name, Address and VAT Number for billing
  • Fixed phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses of parents in the case of minor children and dependent children for communication
  • Name and surname of the student (of the teacher) for identification
  • Birth date of the student (teacher) for the determination of age in a pedagogical context (and for identification)
  • Gsm numbers and e-mail address of the student (teacher) for communication
  • Photo of the teacher for the website

Accounting data (generated internally)

  • Billing and Payment History
  • Remuneration history (teachers)

Pedagogical and organizational data (generated internally)

  • History of trial lessons (new students) and waiting list
  • Subscriptions history (students)
  • History of lesson planning (attendance / absences of students / teachers)
  • History of participation in events (OPUS and Projects)
  • History of repetitions (as part of the OPUS)
  • History of helpers at OPUS
  • Skills of teachers (the courses they can teach)

Our website does not collect any data. No cookies or trackers.
Class & Jazz does not use any social network.

Permission and rights of our students / clients

Our students / clients / teachers implicitly give us permission to use and process their data, as these data are transmitted to us through a data sheet filled out by themselves.
Right to be forgotten
Our students / clients / teachers, and their parents / family, can view, check, update, correct or delete this data at any time * by contacting the DPO, Raphaël Van Goubergen.
*Our accounting data must be kept legally for 15 years to allow tax audits.

Sharing this data with third parties

The collected data are never transmitted to third parties, with the exception of:

  • Our teachers have all the data of their students and their parents, for communication, and for pedagogical reasons.
  • Our students and their parents have contact information for their teacher (Gsm number and e-mail address) for the communication.
  • Our teachers have the contact data of other teachers (Gsm number and e-mail address).
  • Contact data and photo of our teachers are publicly available on our website.
  • In the eventual need to send group e-mails to all concerned students and parents, Class & Jazz uses exceptionally the platform where a list of e-mail addresses is stored on an account dedicated to Class & Jazz, accessible only by the DPO Raph Van Goubergen. These mailings always give the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list via an unsubscribe link.
  • Students and parents can, if necessary, have e-mail addresses of other students and parents. See “small group collaborating” below in the table on our communication.


Below you will find a detailed table explaining how we communicate with our students / clients / parents / teachers.

So, you know now … what you probably already knew, at least in outline. And, for those who have been courageous enough to read so far, Class & Jazz would also like to share the following.

Statement concerning the GDPR

The GDPR law, in effect since May 25, 2018, which requires us to write such privacy statements, and requires you to read them, of course intends to protect your privacy. A goal we adhere to without hesitation. But in our opinion, the logic of this law misses its objective on (at least) two points.

1) By forcing small fish like baker, butcher, grocer, … and Class & Jazz to comply with this law.

Because, let’s be honest, it would be very difficult for us to teach an anonymous “John Smith”, without address, without contact data, without age, and without contact information from his parents if the little “John” is still a minor age.

The data we collect is in fact exactly the same as what we already collected in our past address books. And the processing and use of these data also serve exactly the same purposes as in the past: simply being able to work together. What’s new since the ’80s /’ 90s are the e-mail addresses that, in most cases, simply replace the post address.

2) By actually offering the big sharks like the GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and thousands of other data collectors a free guide to continue fishing for your surfing and buying behaviour (and many other “facts”), so to speak “To be of better service”, but actually, and you know that, and I know that, out of pure profit.

Because, let’s be honest, you and I will continue to click the “accept” button on the internet, if we want to continue to use their services. And none of us will have the courage or the patience to read all the “privacy statements” and other “terms and conditions”, which will imply us to accept anything and everything.

Perhaps it was not so easy to make the difference, legally, between these small fish and these big sharks. The question remains: Have the lawmakers really tried? Are there no other possible laws to limit the appetite, if only a little bit, of these big sharks?

Raph Van Goubergen