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Raph Van Goubergen (Schaerbeek °1962)

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Music Teacher

Raph Van Goubergen has been teaching piano and jazz harmony since 1983. From 1987 he taught in the “Gemeentelijke Muziekschool Kampenhout”, where he was pedagogical, artistic and administrative director from 1996 to 2009. He was involved in teaching various courses such as ear training, improvisation, ensemble and orchestra.

Some of his students earned places in the conservatoires and became professional musicians: John Gevaert (Classical Piano at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp - Queen Elisabeth Competition for Piano, selection 2010), Elodie ELLO Carels (Jazz Singing at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent), Joke Boon-Lopez (Latin/Salsa Piano at the Conservatory of Rotterdam), Eva Tulkens (Jazz Singing at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp), Eva Trappeniers (Jazz Singing), Eva Van Assche (Classical Piano at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven) … .

From 2002 to 2011, Raph has also been teaching music theory, rhythm, composition, improvisation, singing improvisation and styles at rock and jazz summer workshops for young people (Jeugd & Muziek Brussel)

In 2009 Raph created the CLASS & JAZZ association, a new music tuition project that strives to offer qualitative music teaching.

He is the author of Playing the piano with chords - Note reading for pianists (free download) (Class & Jazz Publications 2021), a book for beginner pianists.

In 2013 he also writes PARENT SCALES and CHORD SCALES (free download) (Class & Jazz Publications 2015) about Music Theory and Jazz Harmony.

Retired since 2024.


Raph first learned the piano from his own father, August Van Goubergen, at the age of 8. He later attended music theory and piano lessons at the music school of Kampenhout, at the music academy in Schaerbeek and at the music conservatoire in Leuven (piano with Jean Brouwers). He developed a preference for jazz and blues under the influence of his father and his uncle, Willy Van Goubergen.

From childhood, he has been encouraged to sing at every family event. He was asked to join the choirs in most schools he attended, often as a soloist. He’ll be the singer of his first band. Later, he’ll be backing vocalist in most of his bands.

At the age of 13, he also learned how to play the folk and the jazz guitar. But at 17 years old, he chose to concentrate on the piano, but without ever leaving the singing or the guitar completely aside.

His first jazz harmony lessons were given by Pierre Van Dormael. He was later self-taught, developing his skills through studying masters such as Barrie Nettles, Jacques Siron, Richard Graf, Marc Levine, Jo Anger-Weller, Ron Miller, Bill Dobbins, Hal Crook …

His first experiences on stage were in 1974, first as singer and guitarist, later as pianist and keyboard player, with various rock, pop, blues, jazz and song bands. He recorded his first LP in 1981 with his own band PSOPHO. Since that time, concerts, television work and recordings have multiplied, including among others: APG, BLUE VALENTINE, FESO TROMBONE & THE DEMO-CRAZY, BLOUSE (close harmony singer), TOM GOLDSCHMIDT, CALVIN OWENS, CHELSY, BLUE BLOT, SONIA PELGRIMS, JEAN-BOSCO SAFARI, BLANC MARIE, SOMEONE ELS, MASALA (see YouTube)… Most of these projects involved Raph as pianist, keyboard player and backing vocalist, but often also in the role of composer, arranger and musical director.

He has also played piano in the theatre, notably working with the Belgian Improvisation League, with Rob Van Oudenhoven and Max Thyssen. He has been a member of SABAM (Belgian authors and composers union) since 1980.